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Your bistrot in the heart of the city!


We are locally crafted food & wine serving since 1986.

A simple but quality service that respects the customer and his needs.

There are only two things worth living for, one is a good dish, the other is sharing it with those you love.

Some proposals from janky

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

We prepare traditional cuisine. Our menu is characterized by a return to simplicity, to the genuine flavors of our grandmothers’ cuisine with a touch of creativity and research on the best raw materials.

Our Roman pizza pinsa


Hand made pasta


Cold cuts platters with a good selection of hams

Vegetarian pasta

Handmade vegetarian tagliatelle with ricotta salata rocket sauce, cherry tomatoes and crunchy onion.

Man who drinks only water has a secret to hide.

The wine list!

Our wine proposal accompanies the ethical principle of the place that is the search for raw materials and unique flavors obtained in respect of nature and the territory. Hence the desire to accompany you on a journey through Italy to discover authentic flavors and aromas, which our beautiful country knows how to give us in vast varieties, born of tradition and rediscovery.

Happy Customers…